The Amazing Benefits of Pure Collagen

Collagenx collagen peptide powder. Your Nutritional X-factor. 

  • Collagen peptide protein powder provides energy and protects against damage to ligaments, tendons and muscle. Hydrolysed collagen boosts muscle recovery
    Best known for their ability to enhance skin beauty, collagen peptides are widely used in face creams and dietary supplements. However, they have far more to offer than just beauty benefits, as growing numbers of health-conscious and physically active consumers around the world are discovering…
    Collagen Peptides - Just What Do They Really Do?

    Fri, Oct 30, 20

      Hydrolysed Collagen, also known as Collagen Peptides, is best known for its ability to enhance skin beauty, however, it has far more to offer than just beauty benefits. Growing...

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  • IS COLLAGEN SAFE? – finally, the lid is lifted on hydrolysed collagen

    Fri, Oct 30, 20

    There are now literally hundreds of hydrolysed collagen products on the world market today with new brands popping up seemingly every week. So how do you know which one to...

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  • Is collagen peptide powder bad for your kidneys
    When I upped my powdered hydrolysed collagen intake to a whopping 40 grams a day (that’s 4 table spoons), a friend told me I was crazy and heading for severe kidney damage! So that inspired (well scared) me into embarking on a quest to find the scientific evidence and  ultimately the truth.

    I put in the hours, trawled through the bowels of PubMed and Google Scholar, and after months of painstaking research, I found the unequivocal answer to my question. 

    So, “does taking hydrolysed Collagen powder damage your kidneys”?

    Well, based on all the literary evidence, the short and simple answer is NO!

    To put it straight, there is no evidence that taking even extremely high daily doses of Collagen over long periods of time will have any negative impact on healthy kidneys.

     And how did I come to this conclusion I hear you ask. Well, read on......

    Is Collagen Peptide Bad For Your Kidneys?

    Fri, Oct 30, 20

      When I upped my powdered hydrolysed collagen intake to a whopping 40 grams a day (that’s 4 table spoons), a friend told me I was crazy and heading for...

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  • why this vegetarian started taking pure hydrolysed collagen powder
    My vegetarian diet had left me looking gaunt, skinny and lacking energy. Friends were commenting on how much lean muscle mass I had lost over the years. Chronic stress was taking its toll. Thats when I introduced pure marine hydrolysed collagen protein powder and within a few months I had regained strength and energy, improved muscle mass and definition, and my vitality was restored.
    Why This Vegetarian Started Taking Marine Collagen Powder

    Fri, Oct 30, 20

      I chose to add fish once a week to my vegetarian diet a couple of years ago because deficiencies in my protein intake had reduced my lean body mass, muscle...

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