You are our valued customer and we know that Australian's place high demands on scientific evidence for proof of health claims.

To that end our collagen corporation works hard to investigate the health benefits and potential of our collagen peptide products, with protocols covering everything from randomised, placebo-controlled and double-blind studies to consumer research and feedback integrating a more real-world approach. As a result the efficacy of CollagenX peptide powders in promoting mobility, beautiful skin, joint health, and sports nutrition is supported by solid scientific evidence.

As you read this, the team at Peptan®, our co-branded partner and the world's leading collagen company and producer of gelatin and collagen peptides, are making further discoveries that will impact beauty, health, mobility and ageing as well as contributing to breakthroughs in sports performance and biomedical solutions.

As a CollagenX customer you can rely on our up-to-date science that backs all our products’ health benefits, supported by the four scientific pillars below...