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Participant Before & Afters:


Visible Skin Transformation

I want to say how surprised I am with my results. I’m excited to share my photos with you. No filters used. Top row is before and bottom row after pictures. I’m so glad that you encouraged me to take a before photo, otherwise I wouldn’t realise the big difference taking Collagen X has made. The texture of my skin has improved, along with the jowl area, which is a huge difference! And this is only 6 weeks! I am now an avid believer in your product and will continue to use. I showed my friend my before and after and she went straight home and ordered hers.


- Rowena from Biggera Waters Queensland


Using CollagenX for about 6 weeks

Just a couple of before and after shots. I have been using the product for about 6 weeks now.


- Barbara from Biggera Waters Queensland


Improved Skin, Nails & Gut

I have already had great results from the CollagenX. My nails and skin improved alot and my gut health is so much better. I'm happy to find something that works.


- Lisa from Hill Top New South Wales


Huge Difference

I've been taking a scoop of Collagen X every day since March 15th, 2023. I take it mixed with Optifast for a meal replacement. These are my before and after photos. It's made a huge difference to me. I was recommended to take Collagen X by a surgeon who needed to do hernias repairs for me.

I'm really pleased with the results and will continue taking Collagen X as long as i can. The Collagen X has improved my skin quality and drastically improved wrinkles and also suture reactions I usually have postop.


- Peta from Brighton Queensland


End of month one

Hi there,

I just wanted to share some before and after pics of my eczema. This is after one month of bovine collagen in my coffee each morning.

Zoe 😃


- Zoe


Nothing Short of Remarkable

My five-week journey with Collagen X has been nothing short of remarkable. The transformation in my skin is undeniable-it's plumper, wrinkles are fading, and my overall appearance is undeniably more youthful.

Collagen X's ability to revitalise my skin from within is truly impressive. It has restored elasticity, giving my complexion a radiant and rejuvenated glow. Notably my saggy skin around the jaw and mouth has visibly softened. This remarkable product has improved the texture of my skin, leaving it smoother and firmer, in just 5 weeks. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a transformative solution.


- Antonia


A True Gamechanger

I started taking collagenx Wild Marine just over 12 months ago, my hair was so thin and I had very dry skin due to having Non Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer. The change in my skin and hair has been amazing, and my hairdresser says jokingly I should be a pinup for your product, however the most amazing thing that has happened is the feeling I now have back on my left hand shoulder and neck area. I lost all feeling in my skin due to a bad bout of shingles and my GP advised that permanent nerve damage is an unfortunate side effect of Shingles, however since I have been taking your Wild Marine Collagen the feeling has returned to my shoulder and neck, it is truly amazing and I am so grateful to have found your product, I’m not sure if you have heard from anyone else that this has occurred for, however I would like to let you and others know that this has happened for me. As well, there has been an amazing reduction in my shingles scars, they have almost disappeared. Thank you for making a difference for me


- Vivien