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Specialised Nutritional Formulas (SNF) is a dynamic and innovative Australian company specialising in hydrolysed collagen peptide supplements that promote a magnitude of health and wellness benefits. SNF is lead by Directors Matt Hough and Jeff Masters who formed a friendship over 35 years ago that exists to this day. After a very successful business partnership in their younger days, they followed very different career paths, and now,....

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Bone broths and drinks containing collagen have recently become a trend beverage that has acquired a reputation as the next ‘best thing’ for promoting health.

Currently, there is plenty of excellent scientific evidence proving that the consumption of hydrolysed collagen supports the synthesis of native collagen in varying tissues, with the availability of key amino acids being a likely contributor to its effectiveness…… but what evidence exists about the active quantities or bioavailability of Amino Acids contained in bone broth?

So just what is the answer to the Bone Broth Vs Collagen debate? Although there are many bone broth brands on the market spruiking the health benefits of their product, few, if any at all, back it up with any scientific evidence. What is the basis of their so called ‘superior’ nutritional value when comparing to hydrolysed collagen? Is consuming bone broth as good or better than hydrolysed collagen for your health? Well, the short answer is no, and here’s some surprising reasons.

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