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Specialised Nutritional Formulas (SNF) is a dynamic and innovative Australian company specialising in hydrolysed collagen peptide supplements that promote a magnitude of health and wellness benefits. SNF is lead by Directors Matt Hough and Jeff Masters who formed a friendship over 35 years ago that exists to this day. After a very successful business partnership in their younger days, they followed very different career paths, and now,....

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Does Hydrolyzed Collagen really promote healthier, thicker and stronger hair?

Is it all just hype or is there substance to the claims?

Many hydrolyzed collagen products on the market today are promoted as enhancing the appearance of hair, skin, and nails. But does collagen really help improve the health, thickness, and strength of your hair?

Well, in this article, we’ve done a deep dive into all the available clinical evidence, and the answer to the question is YES, and the reason may be pretty simple!

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