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About - This revolutionary formula boasts the highest level of Glycine, an essential human amino acid, at over 20% more than any other collagen product on the Australian market. Combined with the potent synergy of natural ‘super-fruit’ Acerola Cherry (high in phytonutrients and antioxidants, and delivering 100% RDA of Vitamin C), and bioactive Peptan® collagen peptides, Glymax offers unparalleled support and strength for your immune system.

Here's what sets Glymax apart:

  • Enhanced Immunity & Reduced Flu Symptoms: Glymax actively aids your body in fighting off viruses and infectious agents, helping to reduce the severity, duration, and frequency of flu symptoms.
  • Joint Pain Relief & Bone Health: Experience significant relief from joint pain while boosting your body's ability to combat osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Glymax promotes healthy collagen turnover, eliminates Glycine deficiency, and even helps restore lost bone mass.
  • Fast-Acting & Highly Bioavailable: Get the most out of your daily dose with Glymax's superior bioavailability. This means it reaches your bloodstream within just 1 hour of ingestion, maximizing its effectiveness.
  • Clean Label Purity: Glymax is formulated with 100% pure, clean label ingredients. Free from preservatives, additives, and any unwanted extras, you can trust the safety and quality of every serving.
  • Unmatched Research Backing: Glymax is built on the foundation of the most extensively researched collagen peptides brand available in Australia, ensuring you're getting a product backed by science.

Highest Purity Standards -  you can be sure of consistent, world-class products that meet the highest global quality, safety and sustainability standards. We practice comprehensive quality management to comply with the highest Australian and international standards. All our production methods and processes are documented, and each finished product is subjected to intensive testing before shipping. 

Money Back Guarantee – We are so confident that you will see great health results that if you take the recommended dose (20 grams) of our collagen for 25 days straight (1 x 500gm packet) and you don’t see improvements to your health, then we’ll give you your money back!