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      100% Bovine Gelatin. 

      Collagenx Gelatin is a pure unflavoured protein and is non-allergenic, cholesterol free, purine-free and fat-free . Gelatin is a totally digestible protein.

      • Sourced from grass fed cows
      • Gelatin Dietary Supplement
      • Gluten Free. Lactose Free. Hormone Free. Pesticide Free
      • No MSG
      • No GMO  

      Gelatin has a wide range of proven health benefits that include:

      • Aiding digestive function
      • Easing joint pain
      • Helping control blood sugar
      • Maintaining healthy bones
      • Improving sleep quality
      • Aiding weight loss
      • Improving skin health
      • Providing protein

      Powdered gelatin does not require any cooking. Dissolving it in hot water makes it digest a little more quickly. It can be incorporated into custards, mousses, ice cream, soups, cheese cake, pies, etc, or mixed with fruit juices to make desserts.

      Gelatin’s multifunctional properties and unique clean label characteristics make it one of the most versatile ingredients available today. 

      It is a natural protein food typically consisting of 85% protein, 13% water and 2% minerals for a caloric value of 370 kcal per 100g.

      The health benefits of gelatin are similar to the benefits of collagen since gelatin contains the same amino acids. 

      This protein is fully digestible and contains 18 different amino-acids, including 8 of the 9 essential amino-acids that are essential to our body. And on the plus side, the catabolic amino acid, tryptophan, is missing. It is particularly rich in glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which, together, represent almost 50% of the composition of the molecule. Hydroxyproline is an amino-acid specific to gelatin.

      A pure protein

      • Gelatin is a protein and a food ingredient 
      • it is also non-allergenic, cholesterol free, purine-free and fat-free 
      • it is a totally digestible protein and contains only 4 kcal/g

       Collagenx - Your Nutritional X-Factor

      An Australian owned and operated company.

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